Review from H.T.

I have found my dentist! I loathe going along with every other human on earth unless you have issues. No judging ;). I’ve had so many bad experiences with dentists and issues with my teeth that had to be addressed. A lot of pain and fear came from more than several experiences. As if that wasn’t enough, I was dealing with people who had no compassion and just wanted me in and out. Just a number type of deal. And then I found Dr. Henegar and thought well here we go again. As soon that I got there I was welcomed by a woman who I found out was his wife and their kids were at the desk staying with her while she helped out her husband for the day. That was a good start and she was very warm and informative about the questions that I had. From there I was taken back and I had to have a tooth filled in that had chipped off. I have been to many Dentists over and over again and paid hundreds of dollars to get that done only to have the fillings fall out within days and/or weeks. So Dr. Henagar put that on and did my cleaning. When I was done I looked in the mirror and he did the best job on my two front teeth that any dentist had done in the past. I was extremely pleased. It’s been six months and I just left there today and had the exact same experience. He’s funny and informative and his staff is truly amazing. Highly recommended doesn’t even touch how great his practice is!!

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