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What Are Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions are a cutting-edge way to get a model of your mouth without the goop, gagging, and discomfort of the standard mold. Using this technology, dentist Dr. Asher Henegar can take clean, precise, and easy impressions of each patient's mouth. When the digital impression is scanned into the computer, our Colorado Springs, CO team can access your teeth records and better prepare for restorations, crowns, veneers, bridges, and more. Digital impressions also eliminate additional trays, equipment, supplies, and more for a cleaner environment.

What to Expect From Digital Impressions

We will use an intraoral, handheld device to capture the structure of your teeth, as well as images of your gums and jaw in a matter of minutes. The wand will be gently moved along the surface area of your teeth while the side monitor will display the images captured. This will help Dr. Henegar point out specific areas of concern for you to see. The scanning process is convenient in that it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary, and the images can be manipulated and enlarged so mistakes in the impressions can be identified. This creates more successful imaging and allows our team to create accurate crowns, bridges, implants, and more.

Some common benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Elimination of uncomfortable, "putty-like" impression materials that cause some patients to initiate their gag reflex
  • Less time needed to spend in the dental chair
  • Increase in comfort and less anxiety for patients needing impressions for treatment
  • An environmentally friendly way to dispose of plastic trays and impression materials with no need for landfill space
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Our Colorado Springs, CO dental practice is proud to offer this highly advanced dental technology, which allows dentist Dr. Asher Henegar the ability to create quick and accurate scans of the mouth without the discomfort, annoyance, and mess of traditional impression molds. To learn for yourself what sets us apart from other area dentists, we invite you to call our office and schedule a dental appointment for everyone in your family today.

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