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The Importance of Comprehensive Oral Exams

Routine dental appointments are vital in order to preserve the health and beauty of your teeth. A comprehensive oral exam at R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. identifies tooth decay, gum disease, cancer of oral tissues, and a number of other concerns that could be harming your oral and general health. Often conducted at twice-yearly dental cleaning visits, oral exams enable dentist Dr. Asher Henegar to study your teeth, gum tissues, bite position, temporomandibular joints, and additional oral features of your mouth to detect and care for oral issues as soon as possible. To best keep up with the wellness and look of your teeth, arrange yearly oral exams for you and your whole family at our Colorado Springs, CO office as soon as possible!

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer is a quickly expanding accumulation of cells that may develop inside or around the mouth. Dr. Henegar performs an oral cancer screening at each comprehensive oral exam to search for precancerous or cancerous cells or other concerning areas. When caught early, oral cancer may be easier to treat. Certain regions of concern might be taken out and biopsied, or you could be sent to a physician for more intense care. A handful of the frequently seen symptoms of oral cancer include:

  • Abrasions
  • Lumps
  • Elevated or coarse areas
  • Red or white patches

What To Expect From a Comprehensive Oral Exam

Men, women, children, and infants would all benefit from a yearly comprehensive oral exam at R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. Comprehensive exams at our Colorado Springs, CO practice begin with a review of your or your child's medical record. Dentist Dr. Asher Henegar will also review any oral issues or cosmetic smile desires you have to find out more about your total oral well-being. During certain routine check-ins, a set of digital x-rays will be taken to provide Dr. Henegar a better visual of the wellness of your teeth and bone tissues. With that, he can then conduct a well-rounded screening for cancer of the mouth, evaluate the evenness of your bite and jaw joints, and monitor your teeth for cracks and the wear of any dental restorations you may have. A periodontal screening will also be performed to detect any symptoms of gum disease. Dr. Henegar will utilize state-of-the-art ViziLite® technology to effectively check for signs of oral cancer as well. A dental exam can also be performed to evaluate oral pain, injury, or other problems that may form between appointments.

To help maintain oral health and wellness between these exams:

  • Develop a twice-daily meticulous brushing routine
  • Floss once daily
  • Keep up twice-yearly dental cleanings

Comprehensive oral exam FAQs

How often should I get a dental checkup?

If you notice any changes in your mouth, such as pain, bleeding gums, loose teeth, or bad breath, it's time to schedule a dental appointment. R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. will check for cavities, gum disease, or other problems as they come up. Patients who aren't experiencing any dental problems should still visit our Colorado Springs office every six months.

Do dental exams hurt?

Whether it's a conscious or subconscious fear, many people have anxiety about going to the dentist. The good news is that your appointment shouldn't cause any pain. Some patients may experience a small amount of discomfort during a dental cleaning that can be relieved with a local anesthetic. Our team will let you know if this will be necessary when scheduling your appointment.

How long is a dental exam?

A typical dental examination can take 30 minutes to an hour at R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. These exams are so important because they allow us to detect tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other serious conditions before it's too late. In some cases, a more complex exam might take longer, but this is rare.

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Protect Your Smile With Preventive Care

Yearly dental exams at R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. optimize chances for immediate diagnosis and care for oral conditions and are essential to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Give our Colorado Springs, CO practice a call to schedule your family's comprehensive oral exams. We can also help answer any questions about insurance, different cost options, new patient specials, and more! Dr. Henegar can't wait to meet you!

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